Q: How much is shipping for international?

A: All our shipping is free! Even International!


Q: Can I use these molds for chocolates?

A: Yes absolutely! Our creative molds are terrific for making candies and chocolates?


Q: Can I return the product?

A: Yes! We have a 30 return policy! If the product is not what you were hoping for, send it back and we will refund you. 


Q: How can I track my package?

A: We will email you a link to track your package, and for your convenience, you can use our Order Tracking page to track it if you have your tracking number. If you have not received your tracking number please email us at contact@icetraystore.com


Q: Is it true that these ice trays will make me cooler?

A: Yes! These ice trays will make you the coolest! Enjoy your shopping :) feel free to contact us with any other questions at contact@icetraystore.com