About us

Welcome to Ice Tray Store! Clearly, you are super cool if you are here :) and you are looking to make yourself (and your drinks) even cooler!

Now, I know the Ice Tray Business seems like a very random business to get into, and that's probably why you clicked the "About Us" page to learn why the heck someone would even think to get into it. However, even though an ice tray isn't much, we truly believe it is something that can improve our lives! Lots of times its just the little things in life that can help brighten our day and help us to enjoy life more. With this store, we hope that we can help you find an ice tray you love that will put a smile on your face everytime you put it into your glass. 

We hope we not only make your drink cooler but make you cooler too! If you took the time to read this entire page (we really appreciate it) enter the discount code 'GETCOOLER' at the checkout and you will get 10% off your order today. 

Thanks and have a super cool rest of your day :)